Bookmarks are the Firefox equivalent of the IE Favorites or the Google Chrome Bookmarks. They are used to quickly get from one page to another without having to search for it or type in the URL. There are two sections to the bookmarks, the bookmarks sidebar (opened through Ctrl+B or View-->Sidebar-->Bookmarks) and the bookmarks toolbar along the top (opened with View-->Toolbars-->Bookmarks toolbar, but stays open even between uses). Also, the places organizer can be used, which is a full-blown history and bookmarks manager.

Bookmarks ToolbarEdit

Bookmarks Toolbar

 The Bookmarks Toolbar is the menu that appears under the address bar at the top of the Firefox window. To add bookmarks to this bar, you can either drag them from the bookmarks menu on to the bar, or when you add a bookmark, you can select Bookmarks Toolbar from the drop-down menu. To disable/enable this toolbar, go to View-->Toolbars-->Bookmarks Toolbar.

Bookmarks Sidebar Edit

Bookmarks sidebar

The Bookmarks Sidebar shows all your bookmarks in a convenient toolbar to the right of your screen.

Unsorted Bookmarks Edit

Unsorted Bookmarks

Bookmarks star

Unsorted Bookmarks appeared in Firefox 3.0 and can be found by opening the Bookmark's Sidebar (Ctrl+B), and clicking on the Unsorted Bookmarks icon. Too add an item to Unsorted Bookmarks, click once on the star to the far right of the sidebar. Double click on the star to add it to normal bookmarks.

Storage methodEdit

Before Firefox 3.0, Firefox used the traditional HTML method to store bookmarks. Firefox 3 now uses an SQLlite database for improved speed and searchability.